I’m working on my master thesis, wich is of engineering (in portuguese language).

I’m having a lot of problems on the writing, however I’m always searching for the aswer of my problems.
Anyway, in the moment i can’t manage two of them.

I have pictures wich I want to seperate in two groups, one of them is the normal images (that’s ok) and the other is the graphics.
My question is,
Is there any way that I can create a different legend in the scrivener file or in memoir file and then export MMD-LATEX so in the output file I can see “Graphic X - …”?

I want to create a glossary and an Index, how can I do it?

For glossaries cf. … ntax_guide

Thanks for your answer,

I did the engine like is explained. But, now where I have to put it? And how do I use it?
I did a search in google to try understand but I can’t find anything.

I don’t think any of the built-in MMD engines have table of figures support, but this is definitely something you can do in LaTeX. If I recall it is just a single code, like adding a table of contents, that you would place somewhere in an appendix or similar. Likewise there is no built-in support for indexing in MMD, however it is fairly easy to build extensions into the system. The Wiki has a guide for doing this here. The example shows how to take a blockquote labelled “WARNING:” and design a LaTeX box to handle it. I’ve also used Scrivener annotations in a similar way, before. An example applied to your situation could be annotating the word you want to index, and then prefixing the word with “Idx:”. Scrivener text might look like this, where brackets indicate the annotation area:

Which would result in a LaTeX output of:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore \index{Labore} et dolore...

You’d need to build something that produces that by applying the instructions in the linked wiki page.