Images imported via app not showing on laptop

While in the iOS app, I imported some images (from my camera roll) into the Research section of the binder. Of the 10 or 15 images, only three of them show up normally when I open the project on my (Windows) laptop, after syncing of course. The rest look like this. As seen above, the note that I added in the app does show up on the laptop, even though the picture doesn’t.

Images that I’ve imported with the laptop seem to show up in the app with no problem.

What am I doing wrong here?

Are you sure that synchronization is complete on both platforms? “Blank” files are a common symptom of incomplete synchronization, and images will naturally take more time to transfer than plain text files.


Hmm. I have gone back and forth several times, syncing each time. The little “Dropbox is up to date” shows each time. Is there something else I should be doing to be sure that synchronization is complete?

Also on the laptop?

Also, what happens if you click the button on the right-hand side of the footer bar beneath the image? That will load the graphic into an external editor or viewer, and if it loads successfully then it’s probably safe to assume we’re looking at a display issue rather than a sync issue.

Yes, the Dropbox notifications are also coming up on the laptop – and when I go to Sync under File it says there are no changes in the mobile files.

Amber – it looks like you’re right – the photos show in an external editor when I click the footer button. So they’re THERE – any tips on fixing the display issue?