Images in Corkboard are slow to appear

Using: OS X 10.7.5, Scrivener 2.5.

Steps to reproduce:
– Import 10-15 large JPEG files into a folder. iPhone photos are of sufficient resolution to show this behavior.
– Click on another folder, then back to the folder with the image documents.

Behavior in Scrivener:
– The corkboard takes an inordinate amount of time to appear, sometimes 3-6 seconds.
– Color photos seem to be much slower than simple B&W scanned images.

Expected behavior:
– The corkboard images themselves are quite small, and should take almost no time to load and render.
– My guess is that these smaller thumbnails are always being rendered directly rather than cached.

I’m using an older model Mac Pro, but it’s still a 4-core, 2.66 GHz machine with 16GB of 667Mhz DDR2 RAM, so it should be reasonably fast at displaying thumbnails.

The smaller thumbnails are cached, but they only get cached the first time you load the corkboard with those images, and only for the current group being shown (the cache gets flushed when you load a different document or corkboard), so if they are enormous (and they must be of a very large file size to cause that sort of delay), you will see a delay. The idea is not to keep lots of data around in memory that might slow down other aspects of the program, as caching all images in a project at a resolution sufficient for the resizable cards could require a fair bit of memory. The workaround is either to reduce the file size of the images (which I would recommend, as they must be large to cause that much of a delay) or to turn off image previews in the corkboard via the Preferences.

The only other way for Scrivener to handle this would be to create thumbnail versions of all the images on disk (like iPhoto does), but that would increase the file size of the project, and I know we’d get complaints about that (although it might be a potential preference for a future version).

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