images in Drafts area


I’m a brand-new user. I’m confused about the Drafts area.
The tutorial says it is for text only. And if I do
File-> Import-> Files
while in a Drafts document, then the selection box shows
my image files and pdfs as greyed out, and they cannot be selected.

But if I drag and drop an image, then it does appear in
my document within Drafts. Why does this work? Am
I misunderstanding something - is it OK to put images
directly into Drafts? Or would this be a bad idea?

Thank you,

The Draft area allows only text documents, as they will get compiled into one long text document. A text document can contain an image, so you can drag an image inside a text document, but you cannot place an image document inside the Draft area. So, you can have an image inside the text document, but you can’t have an image as a separate, standalone document in the Draft area. Hope that makes sense.
All the best,

Thank you Keith. But can I be certain that I understand
what you mean by ‘image document’ - do you mean a
‘Scrivener image document’ ? Or something more general?

I’m new-ish to Mac tools - please excuse a bad question,


Hmm… Well, think about how things are in the Finder… Image documents are things such as JPGs, TIFs and so on. Text files are files such as RTF, DOC and so on. If you open a DOC file in Word, you can insert a JPG inside that DOC file… That is, the text can have an image in it. But you couldn’t actually open a JPG file in Word on its own. That is, in Word, if you went to File > Open, you couldn’t open an image file. But you can go to Edit > Insert Image From File or whatever to insert an image inside the text. Now, think of the Draft folder in Scrivener in much the same way, as the text area, the place from which the constituent documents will be compiled into one long text file - possibly an RTF or DOC file. So that area works in the same way. You can insert images inside text documents, but you can’t have an independent image file in the Draft area. If you could drag any media file into the Draft folder it wouldn’t make much sense - you couldn’t compile a sound file, for instance, into a text document, even though you may want to refer to it. So, no media files are allowed in the Draft. But media files that can be inserted into text (such as images) can be inserted into the text area. That is, into the text area of the editor, but not into the Draft folder in the binder.
I hope that makes sense…
All the best,

Absolute sense, thanks. It was just terminology on my
part - I normally say ‘image file’ not ‘image document’
but I understand exactly what you mean now,