Images in Kindle ToC

If I remember correctly, there was a recent (maybe 2 months ago?) inquiry on the forum that related to specially created characters in the ToC; one suggestion was to insert small images, but there did not seem to be an efficient way to achieve it.

I don’t know how they did it, but if you take a look at the ToC of this book preview, you’ll see that it is possible, and renders quite well too. … B003V1WTIG

[posted in Scrivener Tips, because I am sure someone will chime in with a way to do that]

I think I remember that discussion. The problem was not that inserting images into an HTML page is not technically possible—the ToC page is no different than any other section of the book (save that it is identified as being the ToC page for purposes of the Kindle navigation buttons). The problem was, I believe, that graphics were being attempted as a font substitute—blended in with text in the absence of special characters not presented by the Kindle software. That is much more difficult to do properly since the rest of the text is not fixed in size, like the glyphs would be within them. So you could end up with gigantic letters and then a small “12 pt” glyph in the middle of the word.

As for just inserting graphics in general, one would create a ToC page in their Draft, in the position they would like for it to appear in the book, call it “Contents” (that can be changed in the Layout compile option pane) and then format it how they wish. As I say, it’s essentially just a normal section.

Yes, I think you are correct AmberV :slight_smile: