Images in Paperback PDF Appear Low Resolution

Hi there! I’m on MacOS 11.4, using Scrivener 3.2.2, and I’m having trouble compiling a PDF that has high resolution images.

I’m trying to export a PDF for print on demand. I’m relatively new to this, so it’s possible I’m doing something wrong.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a graphic with high contrast, e.g. black text on white background, at say 970 x 419 pixels.

  2. Create a new Scrivener project using blank template.

  3. Use image tag to insert image, e.g. <$img:Resources/my_graphic.png> and type a line of text.

  4. Compile for PDF using Paperback (6 x 9”) format.

  5. Viewing PDF in Previewer or GIMP (imported at 300 dpi), the text is crisp, but the image looks low resolution compared to the original. At 300 ppi, expected output size of the image is 82mm x 35 mm, which seems to be the size of the image on the page, however it doesn’t look as if it’s 300 ppi. In GIMP you can import my_graphic as a layer and note that it looks much better compared to the image embedded in the PDF page. The image also appears to be low resolution when printing the PDF.

I have files for the above reproduction which I’m happy to share if that would be useful.

Any help appreciated. Thanks for your time.