Images in Scrivener


I need some guidance on how to place images into the compiled document. I’ve pasted images into the draft / text part of my document. The images display fine. However, when I compile the document some figures disappear and the order appears jumbled, with the wrong figure substituted in another figures place.

I see somewhere that one must not put figures in the draft but am not quite sure how one would then easily create a document with figures.

Could you possibly point me in the right direction?

Many thanks


Try copying the image files into your research folder (drag them, don’t copy & paste the image into a document). From there, drag your image from the Research folder into the Draft document where you want it to appear.

If you are copying images from (for instance) a web browser into a scrivener document, what you’re really doing is linking to that image file*, which is in a temporary cache that your browser keeps for a while and then cleans out. I’m not saying that this is definitely happening to you, but it’s just one example of what can happen if you don’t import the files themselves to your project.

  • I’m pretty sure of this, but I wouldn’t bet a substantial sum of money on me being right.


I think you’ve pointed me in the right direction. One of the images in the draft section of the Scrivener document that was replaced by another image in the compiled document had probably been cut and pasted into the document. When I saved a jpg of that image into a “Figures” directory on my harddrive and then used “Edit->insert->image from file” menu option to replace the pasted image in the draft section of the scrivener document the correct image was placed into the compiled document.

It appears that although the cut and paste image appears in the draft section of Scrivener when it comes to compiling it can’t locate the image and replaces it with another image?

That’s my guess, but I’m kind of out of my element when it comes to what web browsers do with temporary files. Still, that rarely stops me from speculating:

I think what may be happening is your web browser is downloading images from web pages, and giving them temporary names in it’s cache directly (simple examples: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg 1.html 2.html 3.html, etc…). When you quit your browser, or when it runs up to it’s limit on cache directory space, it deletes the old 1,2,3 files and then when you browse to a new web site, it re-uses those temporary file names. Scrivener’s compile process just knows that it’s going to a temporary dir for a file named as3456hkgiii.jpg, which has been replaced with another image entirely.

</end speculative guesswork>