Images in the footer that include page numbers

I’ve been asked to compile a PDF of a novel for print publication. It’s book 2 in a series and I’ve been told it needs to match book 1 as closely as possible. Book 1 was created by someone else and not with Scrivener.

So far, so good. Book 1 has page numbers in the footer of each page. That’s easy enough. However, each page number sit inside a graphic. Attached in an example screenshot.

How can I set this up in Scrivener? Is it even possible?

  • Chris
    Page umber in footer image.png

That’s not possible in Scrivener. Really I’d consider making book 2 in what you used to create book 1. Scrivener isn’t meant to be used as a tool for making books, it’s mainly a writing tool meant to export files that could be used by other tools that make books. So for consistency and highest quality, using system already established for the first book would be the best option in every way.

That’s very interesting. Is that the formal perspective of the software that the makers advocate? My understanding has always been that Scrivener is the tool used to create the book. Given that Scrivener generates ePub & MOBI files itself, what is the recommendation for what software to use to take those files to make a book from, if not Scrivener itself?

Scrivener is a content creation tool, not a layout or design tool. While it has some capabilities to create ePub and mobi files, it has never been positioned as the end-all, be-all ultimate layout/design tool for ePub and Mobi (or any other format). If you need capabilities beyond the basics, you compile (or export) your content from Scrivener and use another tool to finish tweaking. Which tool you use is dependent on what changes/tweaks you’re making, what you’re comfortable with, and what your budget is.

Not speaking for L&L, just a happy user.

There is a large difference between making ebooks and printed books. Ebooks have a more simple layout which is even dynamic in the way that the ereader can change both font, font size, and margins. So creating ebooks with a decent look is much more simple than creating printed books and Scriv can handle it just fine. Nevertheless there are software built solely for this, like Vellum.

For printed books there is large variation between companies. Some traditional and POD companies want Word files which they tweak themselves. Others want pdf:s that are ready for print. In both cases you’d probably need to do some extra work, after Compiling in Scriv, to produce the final version for print.

A question for Katherine or someone else at L&L: would it be possible to have Scriv put a specific image in the footer of every page? If so, all that would be needed would be for ‘cdmonline’ to create the 260+ images needed and link them in the right order throughout the book. :slight_smile:

And about software: probably Indesign or Adobe CS

You need layering to accomplish that fancy footer. In a page layout program like InDesign, you would make a master page that had the graphic positioned at the foot with a page (auto)numbering field sitting on top of it. Then all your content pages would be instances of this master page. Book 1 was probably made in such a way.