Images in Windows version

I am beginning to loathe the Research folder.
I cannot keep the size of the original images in there. At all.
Not even if I put them in a Word document and import them.
Everything scales to the size of the preview window, and that’s just…pants.
I work on a big screen. If I put a 300x300 image into the research folder, and open it in Scrivener – it scales to fill the entire document.
Nothing I’ve done so far kept the original size. I had a 100x100 image in there, a little bitty logo I did to remind myself of what I was describing – and in the document window it’s HUGE. (And abominably pixelated and distorted.)

I’m not sure if that’s a bug, but I hope it is, because if it’s “Working as intended”, then it needs a scale setting option.

Have you double-clicked on the image? A window should pop up that allows you to resize the view. I think it defaults whatever size the window is, but you can shrink it manually.

Once you have double-clicked and scaled the image, it will remember the setting for when you come back next time.


Now why doesn’t it say anything about that in the manual?
I’ve been over it and over it and over it again… lol

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: