Images inserted as link to file disappear after closing and reopening Scrivener 3 for windows ver: Beta

Hi, I’m not sure if this is actually a bug or operator error, but in the last two days Scrivener 3 has started to delete all images inserted as links to files. I may have inadvertently changed a setting that is causing this. I was trying to remove the initial indent on all paragraphs for new documents and the existing ones I have created and used the Document | Convert | Text to Default Formatting menu. I think I mistakenly selected Tabs and Indents in under Preserve: and had to repeat the operation once I realized I had not made the selection correctly. When I clicked OK I received a prompt asking if I wanted the changes to apply to all files. I selected Yes because, well, I wanted to remove the indent from all Scrivener files I create. Someone, this behavior of removing all linked images is affecting every file I open now. How do I reset this behavior so once I reinsert the images they stay in the file and don’t get removed?

Does the image disappear completely from the project?

Or it’s still there, but the link no longer works?

The images are still in the project. I store them in an ‘images’ folder. It’s just the link that I inserted into the document that is being removed. BTW, I have formatted the inserted image as a picture so it is compiled correctly. I use plan text for profile and compile it to Latex.

Correction to my previous post … I am formating the inserted image as a Figure, not as a Picture.

Final post. I resolved the issue by uninstalling Scriverner 3 and reinstalling the latest beta. Inserted image links are no longer removed from the document. Even the ones that were showing up as missing are back in the document now. Not sure what that was all about–possibly a bug of some kind in the beta.