Images inserted into manuscript

I’ve had an evolving sort of understanding and usage of scrivener. Initially, my book contained scan documents (about 80) in my manuscript making the size of my file about 400mb. Then I retyped nearly all the documents into scrivener as text and deleted images. My file got down to about 38mb. The file currently has about 8 images. Each of these images is about 300kb. I went into photoshop and adjusted the size of each of the images to make sure they were as small as possible (file size).

Here’s my issue. I now have this handful of images that I need in my manuscript. They are each in range of 300kb. However, when they go into my manuscript, they increase the manuscript file size by 1mb or more. I’ve tried, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting, and importing - importing makes the least size impact, but it’s still over 1mb. How is this possible that a 300kb images increases my manuscript file size by over 1mb? What can I do to better optimize this and not blow my manuscript file size up so much - and yet keep the images?


Have you tried using linked images instead of embedded images yet? Linked images only require a simple text path pointing to the image, so they take up no more space than a short sentence in most cases. Use the Edit/Insert/Image Linked to File… command to do this. Linked images are functionally equivalent to embedded images in every way from that point on. You just have to make sure and keep them in the same place on your drive.

It is expected to see some bloat when embedding highly compressed images. We can’t store the original image verbatim, it has to be converted to a method suitable for archival inside an RTF file, and dropping compression as much as possible is a way of making that process safe.