Images keep breaking?

Hey folks! I’m using Scrivener on two separate Windows machines, one running 7 and one running 10. My research folder is VERY image heavy, but it’s not all in one document, so I haven’t run into any slow sync issues or anything. Most of the images are screen captures I’ve used the “capture selection from screen” function to insert. What I’m running into is Scrivener keeps “breaking” a lot of these images- when I open it, or sometimes even while I’m working, the images will turn into the default “image not found” (blank page folded at the corner graphic). This doesn’t happen to all of the images, it seems fairly random which ones do or don’t break, but it’s always ones I’ve screencapped rather than ones I’ve imported in other ways.

Is there some kind of soft limit I’m running into on screencapped images? Should I be saving and importing them instead (slower, but maybe better for how Scrivener functions)? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!