Images not showing after compiling to Word in iOS.

Hi. I have Scrivener on my iPad. I made a poetry collection in the app.

After each poem, I inserted an illustration.

Then I compiled the thirty poems. (Each poem was a text file.)

When I imported the DOCX file in Vellum, only the first poem’s illustration was there. Other poems only had text.

I opened the same file in Word. Images displayed correctly. I saved it into a different file from Word and imported the file in Vellum. All images displayed correctly.

Then I made the second poetry collection. This time, the above solution did not work. When I opened the compiled DOCX file in Word, images did not show. Only white boxes were in the place of the images.

I finished my task manually re-inserting images in Word. I’m just posting this to bring the matter to the developer’s attention.

It wasn’t a hassle to retouch the manuscript in Word. But a seamless experience in Scrivener would have been nice.

Keep up the good work,