Images not showing up on Corkboard


I have been looking everywhere possible for a an answer to this question, but can’t seem to find it.

I’ve been using Scrivener since before 2.0 came out, and one of my favorite features has always been the character sketches. I clearly remember being able to view the character photos on the cork board. Since I’ve updated to 2.0, the images are only displayed as text-based index cards, despite having the photo icon selected in the Inspector window. You can see what I mean in this screen grab:

I have confirmed that there at least HAS been a way to view the cards as images on the cork board as I have seen such an effect in several tutorials.

If you could shed light on what I’m doing wrong here, I would really appreciate it!

Have you double-checked your Scrivener->Preferences->Corkboard settings? Those settings are probably the key to changing this behavior.

Make sure “display images as photographs” is selected in the appearance section under Scrivener > Preferences > Corkboard.

Oh my, how easy! Thanks so much, I can’t believe I didn’t think to took in the preferences!