Images on IPad versus Windows

I compose mostly on Windows (latest version) and add images to pages from the binder. I have been working on the document since 2019 and have images added from then until 2022.

When I view the document on my iPad (latest version for iOS), the older images display correctly but the more recent ones appear only as the linked icon. All images are jpgs and of various file sizes. There is no obvious relationship between file size and whether it displays properly. The only relationship is with age (older images display correctly, but younger ones don’t).

Is there something I am doing wrong? Is it a bug or feature between the Windows and iOS versions? Any thoughts are gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

When dragging the images in from the binder you are creating a link to the original rather than fully importing the graphic into the text file itself. This is generally preferable as it keeps file sizes trim and fast to auto-save, as well as the overall project size since the image is only saved once.

You can confirm this by right-clicking on one of the newer images on Windows, and selecting the Scale Image option. At the bottom of the dialogue box you’ll see a path to the binder item itself, and a button to reveal it. Embedded images won’t have this button, and will have a text field instead, where you can give the image a name.

The one downside to this otherwise superior approach is that the iOS version was never made to understand these beyond recognising they are linked images, and showing the icon you see as a placeholder. That is there to let you know it is there and don’t accidentally edit over it. The image is of course fine, you can edit around them without harm, and they’ll show up again when you’re back on Windows.

This is a new behaviour, so stuff you added in the older version of the software wouldn’t have worked that way.

Now if you really do want to see a particular image on iOS, right-click on it and select “Convert to Embedded Image”. We will also be adding a setting that switches this behaviour off globally, at some point, for those that work heavily on iOS and want to see images in both places. But for now that command is the only route.

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Thank you very much for the very quick response. You were absolutely right. I followed your instructions and the issues have been resolved. I can see all my images in both Windows and iPad versions.