Images overlapping text

I am a noob and find Scrivener enchanting. However, I cannot figure out how to keep images from overlapping the text above them. I insert them with a tag, such as


but upon compile the image covers the text above it. Aside from just inserting a bunch of blank lines, does anyone know how can I fix this? My book will have hundreds of figures.

It sounds like you’re forcing the line-height on your image to a fixed value rather than letting the system size the line as it needs to fit the image. Such a problem might be invisible in the editor since you’re using text codes and presumably the fixed line-height is sufficient to accommodate a line of text, otherwise your editor would be a jumped mess! Put your cursor beside the image and use the Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing… menu command. The settings should all be straightforward in how they are labelled, so just make sure they are logical. A good setting for images is some spacing above and below the image using the Paragraph before/after settings, a multiplier of 1.0 and everything else zeroed out.

Once you get that set up, and maybe any other formatting like alignment, you can create a formatting preset to fix the other images and set the up properly going forward. Check out the Format/Formatting/ sub-menu for those options.

Thanks for the advice, but the problem persists. In Line and Paragraph Spacings the Line Height options are Exactly, At least, and At least + At most. The default is At least 0.0. I can fix the problem if I set At least to a large enough value, but I would have to do this for each image, which is not very workable.

All right, the next place I’d check, if the editor is fine, are your compile settings. In the Formatting pane, you could first try compiling without override formatting enabled and see if the problem goes away. If it does, I’d turn it back on and then investigate the line-height settings for text files (and anywhere else images may be used)—or optionally you could click the Options… button in the top-right of that pane and exclude line spacing from the override settings entirely.

Solved, in a fashion. A new document doesn’t have the bad behavior. The original was imported from Word, and so I took the text, saved it as plain text in Word, pasted it in the document, and voila! the new plain-text version leaves proper space around the image.

So, perhaps there are some nasty control characters that weren’t stripped out during the import process.

That could be, I have seen formatting paste in from Word that really shouldn’t, because the text engine can’t display it properly. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot we can do about that, so it’s something to be aware of. That Paste and Match Style command in the Edit menu can come in really handy as it takes the clipboard and strips it to plain-text.