Images overlapping text

It sounds like you’re forcing the line-height on your image to a fixed value rather than letting the system size the line as it needs to fit the image. Such a problem might be invisible in the editor since you’re using text codes and presumably the fixed line-height is sufficient to accommodate a line of text, otherwise your editor would be a jumped mess! Put your cursor beside the image and use the Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing… menu command. The settings should all be straightforward in how they are labelled, so just make sure they are logical. A good setting for images is some spacing above and below the image using the Paragraph before/after settings, a multiplier of 1.0 and everything else zeroed out.

Once you get that set up, and maybe any other formatting like alignment, you can create a formatting preset to fix the other images and set the up properly going forward. Check out the Format/Formatting/ sub-menu for those options.