Images pasted into Scrivener documents from outside

I was curious after seeing someone struggle with the images they had pasted from their browser go all hinky during the compile process… Does Scrivener end up with a copy of an image in the project when you paste an image into a scrivener document (not the binder, but into a sub-document)? My guess at the time was that the image was just linked to from the browser’s cache directory, which was getting cleaned out over time.

I think I was seeing this issue in the Windows version, but I’d like to know for either or both platforms.

And a follow-up if I was right about the browser cache: Is there a way to “clip” an image directly to scrivener the way you can with text? For now, I just save images to my downloads folder and then drag them into scrivener from the finder, but I’d really like to know if there’s a more direct way to add images to my binder or directly into a document or it’s notes that won’t get messed up if the original source image file goes missing.