Images saved as invalid character when compiled to txt

Hello again Keith :slight_smile:

When I compile a draft to .txt, the inline images are transposed to an invalid utf-8 character instead of being ignored. This causes problems with code interpreters such as LaTeX. As a workaround, I copy-pasted this invalid character in “Replacements” and set it to be replaced by a space. It works, but I think this should be investigated.

Thank you again


Just to clarify :
Whenever I compile a document to a plain text file, the invalid character “0xFC 0xFF” is inserted where the inline images originally took place. On most text editors, this is ignored and replaced by a space, but it however breaks the UTF-8 spec. Is this on purpose ?

Thanks again

I’ve added code to remove attachments from plain text export.

Thank you Keith. Once again, you’re the guy who rock the most. Keep up your excellent work and don’t forget to breathe for the next weeks :slight_smile: