images stored sideways

Been using Scrivener for a couple of months now and moved lots of writing to it - thanks, it’s great.

My question is:
I dragged a picture folder into the research section. If I look at this folder in Preview they are all the right orientation. But Scrivener has them all on end/sideways (however you describe it!). I can’t find a control to turn them. I’m probably missing something obvious but I do need them the right way round. Can anyone help, please? Thanks.

Double-click on the image and you’ll get some controls, including a rotation tool.

Thanks, Amber - knew it would be obvious! I’ve clicked on each separately and turned them.

But - this doesn’t turn them on the corkboard. They’re still on end. I’d like them ok here too - it’s nice to see them all together, as they’re the setting for the story. Any way to do this? (It seems bizarre they are not the normal way round anyway!)

Images are pulled into Scrivener in the way they are stored on file. Preview may display them differently depending on your settings in Preview, but if you opened them in another editor - such as PhotoShop - you would see that they are the same way as in Scrivener. The key is to set up the rotation before importing into Scrivener (the rotation controls in Scrivener only affect how the image is viewed and do not affect the underlying file).

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Thanks, Keith. I’ll open the folder elsewhere and see what happens. Cheers!

Unfortunately, I just checked the original folder out in photoshop, opening the pix one at a time, and they all display the correct way round. So I can’t change them as they don’t need it. Oh well, it’s a small point and you have given me enough time already! I’ll just manage with the corkboard images sideways, so to speak. Thanks.

Can you send me one of the images? To support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? This is very strange as Scrivener doesn’t do any rotation to the file, so this shouldn’t (in theory) be happening, so if you can send me an affected file I would like to see what is causing it.


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Okay - done. I’ve just sent one.

I could be wrong but this sounds like it’s to do with the EXIF metadata in the jpeg. Preview and some other apps read the EXIF and perform a rotation, and even allow you to save the file with the new rotation.

BUT! they’ve only edited the EXIF data (in order to preserve detail and prevent degradation of the jpeg from resampling) which means when you open the image in, say, a web browser (which doesn’t read the EXIF data) your image is in the original un-rotated format.


Thanks, Robin, that sounds exactly what it was. EMP sent me the file and it did indeed open right-way-up in Photoshop and Preview, but in web browsers and Mail it was rotated. Re-saving in Photoshop caused it to open fine everywhere. EMP tells me that she took these photos on a phone camera, so that may be the reason behind the rotated EXIF data. Thanks for the explanation, as I know very little about how .jpeg data works myself, so you seem to have hit the nail on the head!

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I agree, that seems to have been the problem and I will add that info to my store of ‘sort-of-knowledge’, Robin. Thanks to you and to Keith. Now to go to PS and re-save all the photos!