Images too big, awkward page break between

I am making a non-fiction book with a lot of images. In Scrivener the document looks fine, but when I compile it (with format as orginal), I get awkward long page breaks when an image is too big to fit on a page. This usually happens when there is an image on one page, a sentence or two follows it, and then the next image is too big to fit in the remaining space. I’ve only written my first chapter, and I want to avoid these kinds of things in the following chapters. I also want to fix this in the current chapter without making the images way too small.

Thanks in advance!

Images that are too big to fit on a page are problematic in general, in a square peg round hole kind of way, so that is how I would approach the problem: the goal being to get the images at least sized such that they no longer extend outside of the physical dimensions of the paper, minus any margins you will be applying in your compile settings. It may be easiest to just switch over to View/Show Page View mode, double-click the image, and drag the slider until the image is small enough to fit on the page vertically and horizontally. Do note that Page View will visually shrink an image down to the margin block purely as a writing convenience, so you aren’t really looking at reality in Page View mode, until you size the graphic smaller than the margin area. So if you have lot of large images, you may not want to work in that mode, rather just using it temporarily to fix an image, as it can lead one to believe everything is fine with image sizes—until they print.

Of course the best way to avoid that is to size the images correctly to begin with, before dragging them in. That may also keep the software more efficient. If your pictures are bigger than you need them to be, they could end up slowing down the software as time goes by—all for no reason at all.