Images vanishing in epub compile.

I’m working on a book and for the first time I’m including images in the body of the book. The problem is, when I compile it, the images are gone. They are jpegs, and show up when I’m looking at them in scrivener or have distilled them to PDF, but not epub. Is this an issue or am I just missing something?

This isn’t an issue I’m aware of, and in a quick test dumping a couple JPG files into some text and compiling out to epub, I wasn’t able to reproduce it. What are you using to view the compiled epub? If you try with just a single image in the text, does that work? Are these large images?

Check also that you’re up to date with Scrivener version 1.8.6. There were some epub- and image-related bugs fixed within the last several versions which could be affecting this if you’re on an older release.

It turns out it appears to be an issue with Adobe Digital editions-- everything else is showing the images just fine. Has anyone else had problems with ADE, and big gorilla in the room, if the book works with the previewer in kindle, should I just upload it anyway? Evidently, from my searching on the net, ADE seems to have…issues, so I’m not certain if working to fix the problem is doable or wroth it.

If you open it on your Kindle (if you have a Kindle), a friend’s Kindle, or a Kindle app on your PC or tablet, does it work?