Images with hyperlinks

I am new to Scrivener and I’ve gone through all the tutorial videos and the interactive tutorial. However, I do not see how to use a hyperlink for embedded images in my document. I’ve also done a search on this forum but no joy.

I understand how to link words or phrases but so far have not figured out how to do the same with images.



Hello Clearly,
Until the real help arrives the method I use is just from the manual.

Make a new document to hold picture.
Drag picture to document and right click on picture to resize with edit.
Name this document in Binder i.e. My Pic
Go to where I want to place a link with mouse cursor and right click to get menu.
Select Scrivener link in this menu and follow across to the name of your picture document.
This will place a blue link to your picture document which brings up the split screen with said picture.

Hi shass
Where in the manual are you referencing?
Thank you