Images with space in their title

I use Scrivener link to insert images in my document. The name of some of them contain space(s) and that seems to break the MMD syntax at compile time: instead of a tag, I get a

paragraph, everything following being treated as simple text (no link, alt title or caption).

Is this an intended behaviour? Do I need to rename all my images that are in my Research folder so they can be linked to properly?
Or is it specific to the Linux version, and be might be fixed some day?

Thanks for your answer.

That’s correct, you need to cause Scrivener to generate data that is acceptable to the MultiMarkdown post-processing engine, in all ways. One of the things it requires is safe file names, meaning that if you’re using Scrivener to manage your graphics, they need to be set up to be MMD friendly from the start.

That’s just how MultiMarkdown works (and I think, basic Markdown itself). Posting this question over on the MMD support site should get you a more definitive answer.

Thanks for your answer, and sorry to have not seen it earlier.

I fully understand the file name requirement. But is the document name - as seen in Scrivener binder - might follow the same rule?
And, unless I missed something, I didn’t find any way to display the actual file name in Scribus, and that is a little problem as I can have some files which names seem to be the same because only their extension differ; for example, I cannot distinguish between the .svg and .png (or .jpg) of the same picture.

If you’re going to use Scrivener to export and link up the images for you, then yes, in the Binder they need to be named the way they should look on the filesystem when exported. Another approach is to set up an export folder with all of the images you need, already in place. They don’t have to be in Scrivener to start with, all that is necessary is that the relative links to the image are accurate.

You will find this technique documented in §21.5.1, Compile Folder, pg. 215 of the user manual PDF—but it is very simple: just name your working output folder so that it ends with “_mmd”, and this will cause Scrivener to only update the components of the folder that it has scheduled to export during compile, leaving everything else untouched. Thus you can even employ a mix of some image files that are static in this folder, and others that are being exported during compile.

If you’re anything like me, you have two copies of every image anyway. I keep the masters in my Scrivener project—these are the Photoshop layered files and whatnot—and then the production-ready graphics are exported with web-safe names to the compile folder. I find that easier than managing both the originals and the finals in the Binder.

I don’t know anything about Scribus, sorry. I know that with InDesign there is a special panel that shows all image links by file path, maybe there is something similar in Scribus.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will have a look at this technique.

Sorry about that. My fingers typed Scribus but I was thinking Scrivener. :blush:
In Scrivener I’ve found no way to distinguish two files with the same names and different extensions.