images with unwanted white backgrounds


I’m so thrilled with scrivener and managed to compile my novel pretty easily. One nagging fussy problem though: I imported images (a fleur-de-lis and a flourish) as chapter headings and section dividers. They look great on my macbook, but in .mobi you can see a white square or rectangular background behind the images, so it looks like they’ve literally been pasted on to the page.

Is there any way to get rid of that? I hope I’ve described it so you know what I mean.

When you open the images up in Preview, how do they look? It sounds as though they may be flat JPG files with white backgrounds. You would want to use a PNG file with a transparent background to ensure that it looks fine on all devices.

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OK, I made them PNGs with transparent backgrounds, but still there’s a faint white box around the image when I look at the mobi on my ipad. In the Compile preview, it looks fine.



It could be there is still a little white left around the edge. Try cropping the image in as close as you can to the visible glyph itself.

Sadly, that’s not the issue. I photoshopped the image to go from jpeg to PNG so there’s no white background at all.

Is it possible that my first generation non-updated ipad is to blame?

Perhaps, given that the first iPad is stuck on iOS 6, it could be Amazon has stopped coding updates for it. If you would like, I could examine the .mobi file for you on a number of different devices. Just PM me the file if you wish, and the PNG so I can test it myself.

Thank you Amber. I sent it to a friend with a newer model ipad and the images looked fine.

Problem solved!