Images won't compile.

I’m encountering a problem I cannot comprehend at all. I am writing an essay and am trying to have a number of images at my appendix I can refer to in the text.

I’ve tried inserting images in all the possible ways:

Drag and drop directly onto text.
Load onto “research”, and then use the <$img:image-title-in-binder> tag.
I’ve tried using the same tag with a relative address to a folder.
I’ve tried clicking Insert -> Image Linked to File…

What happens is the following: The images show up in my scrivener document (DRAFT). They look perfectly fine, I can double-click them and re-adjust the size, and so on. It’s all there.

When I compile, however, the behaviour is random: some times the first image will load, the rest not. Sometimes two images will load. Many times no images will load. It doesn’t matter which way I use to insert the images, the result is the same.

On top of that, and for some bizarre reason, this peculiarity messes up with the auto-numbers I have for the images. If I don’t add any images, the auto numbers (in the form of <$n:Figure:imagetitle>, <$n:Figure:anotherimagetitle> so I can refer to them from other parts of the text) are compiled properly. When it messes up loading the images, the compiled autonumbers are also messed up: 1, 2, 6, 4,5, 7, and so on.

I’ve been trying to find any relevant threads or information on the net in general but no one seems to be having my problem.

Can someone help here or offer some suggestions? Previous I had been using images in the same document without problems, and this started happening randomly. Could it be that I have too many images in the file? (Approx. 20 in total)

Thanks in advance!

Could you clarify what you mean here by “loading”? I’m guessing you mean you’ve loaded the file into some sort of software and it is not showing all of the images. That could mean the compiler is broken, yes, but it could also mean the software displaying the file is broken (or doesn’t support what you’re looking at). For example, TextEdit has a hard time with RTF files and won’t display images at all. I’d try several programs and different compile file formats too, including the Print/PDF options to see if it itself is having difficulties with the images (it doesn’t sound like, but it doesn’t hurt to check).

The images themselves matter more than the quantity. Twenty small emoticons vs. twenty 90mb 300-DPI behemoths that came straight out of a high-end camera, for example. Some formats are also less reliable than others, like EPS.

That’s a strange aspect of the problem. How are these codes inserted into the text? Are they on the same line as the image, for example? If you check off Do not convert auto-number tags to numbers in the Transformation compile option pane, do you get the raw codes, or are they mangled?


Thanks for your extended reply - I ended up sending an email to Scrivener support with this.

Turns out that my LibreOffice hadn’t updated to the latest version. (I was under the assumption that it had always been the latest version and would update automatically, but this wasn’t the case.) When I updated LibreOffice to the most recent version (5.1.2, from 5.1.0) then it all worked fine.

It was a bizarre bug, however - only images in the first page would show up, and all other images would not (although they would be in the file - opening the same compiled file on the recent version of LibreOffice shows all images, and filesize was the same).

The page numbering problem was my misuse of number tags and placeholders: I was not forward-referring to placeholders properly. When I replaced the early references of the figure numbers with <$n:figure#name> (instead of <$n:figure:name>) then it worked fine.

Okay! Glad to hear things seem to be working again.