Images won't show in the .doc/.docx file after compiling

When I finished my project, I compiled it to both .doc and .dox format. However, the images in my Scrivener project do not show up in Word.
Can anyone help me with the problem?

No, not unless you provide more information on where the images were in the project and how the Compile was set up.

Do you have better luck using RTF (the official Microsoft format for third-party software like ours to work with Word)? If so, you should check the Sharing: Conversion preference tab and make sure enhanced converters are enabled. Without that, Scrivener uses the Mac to do the conversion, and it’s notorious poor quality, excluding, among other things, images.

This should be working fine though—I’m not aware of any reports of general failure for .doc/x and images. So as lunk said very concisely, we’d need more information to know where to look. A good way to start testing a problem is to start fresh and very simple:

  1. Create a new blank project.
  2. Take a screenshot with ⇧⌘3.
  3. Drag the screenshot file into the starter text file (default location for screenshots is Desktop).
  4. File ▸ Compile… and change nothing except Compile for: Microsoft Word (.docx).
  5. Click Compile.

That should in theory work on everyone’s computer. If it doesn’t work, then we’ve halved the problem from being potentially project/data specific to a broader system level or configuration issue that we’re unaware of. If it does work, then the goal is to start incrementally making the test project act more like the project that isn’t working, starting with the images in question, then the compile settings, and finally copying whole chunks of text with the images together.