Can anyone help me figure out how to rotate images in Scrivener? I’ve uploaded photos for my dissertation, but a lot of them are sideways. Thanks!

I’m not sure if you mean that the images have been imported into the project, or if they are embedded in text files. If they have the little orange sunset photo icon then it is the former, and you can just double-click on the image to perform a few simple display options like rotation and scale. Do note however, these are display options. If you actually want to move all of the pixels around so that a pixel in position X=0;Y=0 is now in X=250;Y=0 and so forth, then you need to use a program capable of editing graphics. Click on the Applications icon in the lower-right, below the image, to open it in an editing program. Preview will suffice if nothing else is available. Cmd-R and Cmd-L will rotate right and left, respectively. Save the file, close it, and return to Scrivener. You may need to click the refresh button next to the application button to see the updates.

Now, if you have already embedded the graphics into your work in progress, you’ll have to export them out of the text document (you can just click and drag the graphics to the binder to do so) and then import them back in. For most things, you want to get the picture print ready before dropping it into a text editor, and then you pretty much want to leave it alone. The exception is if you use Edit/Insert/Image Linked to File.... That imports a reference to a spot on your hard drive—it doesn’t import the graphic into the project or embed the pixels into the text document. That means you can edit it externally. It will be fixated into the document when you compile.