Imagine - with Ian Rankin

I’m just watching an excellent programme in the “Imagine” series on BBC1, called “Ian Rankin and the Case of the Disappearing Detective”:

Part of it is video diary with the author, part is interview with Alan Yentob, and part is documentary. It covers tartan noir writer Ian Rankin’s writing process, from idea collection through to the finished draft. As I write, he is driving to his various locations after finishing his first draft, checking details for his own satisfaction (would a 70-year-old man climb the sea wall here? no, there are plenty of steps, and he would use those). Interesting, entertaining, engaging and well worth looking out for on iPlayer (if you live in a region that can get it).

Thanks, Siren. I recorded it - now I’ll make sure to watch it.

Thanks for the link, Astrid. Just watched it. Really enjoyed it.
Don’t wanna spook y’ out, kiddo…but his swivel chair is the same a mine. Like me, he has a G3or G4 power Mac under his table. Mind you…he hasn’t got a brand spanking new, 21in iMac on his desk…like wot I 'ave. :smiling_imp: Burfd’y pressy off the kids.

That pretty much blows your access to the sympathy zone.

This, however, is a free pass to envy and admiration zones.


Mind you, I have to say, that there was nothing altruistic about the kids buying me an iMac. As I’ve already alluded to elsewhere, it was a damage limitation exercise on their part. After reading the ‘This is Sad’, saga, the realisation that it was based on an actual incident, living with the shame of the image of their father standing zombielike, in the midst of a John Lewis display, fondling and slobbering wet kisses all over iMacs, was just too much for them to bear. The thought that their Retail Therapying female friends would recognise me, just flipped them over the edge.
So it goes.

Well this is one way of operating, Vic, but perhaps you should try this method…

Me: How cross would you be if I bought a new computer?
Spousal Unit: Very.
Me: How long for? A couple of hours? A couple of days? A couple of weeks?
SU: Oh, a week at least!

Now you know how much you’re going to have to pay for the new iMac in the shop and at home.
Personally, I’d suggest anything under a month is still a bargain…

[Not really, dear…]

David, young fella,
I swear, I have lifted not one digit, nor uttered one syllable, in or of encouragement, to my kids to buy me an iMac. Had I been aware of their intentions, I would have advised them to live with their shame…and handle it! Saving themselves the money.

emachine, ema Wintel and I, are almost an item, so well are we in tune with each other’s little foibles, idiosyncrasy and peccadillos. It came as quite a shock, I can tell you, to be presented with the iMac.

I won’t deny it’s a striking and covetable piece of kit, and if the screen was any wider, both my eyes would have to work independently of one another to access and retrieve the data thereon.
Anyway, as my avatar now proclaims, albeit modestly enough, I think…I am now a member of that small, elite faction of the Scrivenerati know as: Dual Platform (I have toyed with the notion of installing one of those Slackwearing, gnomish Ubuntusish Linux The Penguin thingies, and becoming a triple platform nerd, but that’s probably OTT! Wot d’y’ think, Dave?

How are you and Dad settling in at the Trafford Centre, as opposed to Edgley Park?

Take care

The new ground in Sunny Salford by the Sewage Works is OK, but but it was a lot easier to get to Edgeley Park and I’m not too impressed with losing the first 7 matches of the season, but thank you for asking…. I’m also worried about the chippy on the high street – its takings must have plummeted on a Friday night.

As for your avatar, I can’t see Plato having moved on from his BBC Micro yet: he’d think it was more that sufficient for his cave-based computing needs, although I suppose he’d get quite a kick out of questioning Thrasymachus on the merits of Windows 8

Now, Aristotle, there’s an uber-geek if ever I’ve seen one…

Thrasymachus? Doesn’t he play for Inter-Milan ? :confused: City tried to get hold of him…didn’t they?

No, he’s a loosie with Athens Irish.

I just popped in for an erudite chat about Ian Rankin’s working methods, and what do I find? A discussion about Inter-Philosophers football! :smiley:

Belated happy birthday, Vic, and congratulations on the new iMac! Never mind having the same chair as Ian Rankin, and the same computing paraphernalia under the desk – do you have the same annual writing income??? :smiley:

nahh!! probably got more expenditure than him, though. :frowning:

So I dutifully followed the link and jumped on the BBC web site, settled myself down for something interesting and … BBC iPlayer notices I’m not in the UK and won’t allow the show to be played!

I did check Hulu but their content didn’t include the Imagine series – Grrrr. Does anyone know of alternatives or workarounds?



Richard…short of moving within range of a BBC transmitter…I don’t think there is one :frowning:
Take care

Where are you based? Could you get it via one of the cable or satellite services or does iPlayer block those as well?

Hi Tacitus:

I’m in South Florida and our cable provider is Comcast (IMO – Spawn of Satan who make the Ring Wraiths look like good guys!). We get BBC America through them which is good for Top Gear and Dr. Who but not the Imagine series. Unfortunately, satellite’s the same deal. Maybe I should lobby Tim Davie directly, or whoever becomes the next temporarily ‘permanent’ Director General of the BBC.