<$IMG>placeholder tags not compile in OS Version?

Am I right in concluding that the <$IMG> place holder tag does not include images during the compile, as it does with desktop? Or am I doing something wrong because I am noticing the images do not get included in the PDF outputs.

I’m guessing other place holder tags also are not handled on IOS?

It seems to work if I include the place holder in the IOS source and then when compiled on Desktop, works as expected.


You are right, <$img> tags are not supported on iOS. Only a handful of tags are supported on iOS - mainly the auto-numbering and word count ones. You can find a complete list of supported tags by tapping the “?” button in the Appearance Editor.

Compile in iOS allows for a lot of flexibility and power, but will never be able to offer the full power of the desktop versions. It is intended to provide everything needed for a user who only wants to use the iOS version. Someone who uses the desktop versions too, however, will be able to do much more (and this will be even more true with our next major macOS and Windows updates).

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Perfect. No problem. I don’t expect (nor want) the IOS version to do everything the desktop version does, but now knowing the “?” (which I missed), I can look at those few other placeholder tags I use and handle accordingly.

Like others, I intend to use the IOS version for “brute force” writing, and not compiling into final!

Thanks for a terrific product.

Please expand the iOS version to include more placeholder tags, such as $title. I’ve gotten rid of my Mac for an iPad Pro and I need to compile things looking good.

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