$img tag would not compile

I’m new to Scrivener, and I’ve tried to follow a tutorial at genelempp.wordpress.com/2013/02/ … -headings/ to insert a different image after each chapter title. I have a custom field called ChapterImage, it’s populated for every chapter, the images are in the Research folder, and I’m using the following code in the Section Formatting Layout suffix: <$img:<$custom:ChapterImage>>. During compilation, the tag outputs as-is. Even if I try <$img:1> instead (I have an image named 1.jpg) I receive the same issue - the tag shows up instead of the image. So it looks like the issue is not necessarily with the custom tag itself, but with the $img tag compilation. I’m running for Windows.

I’ve searched the forums and haven’t come across anything that would resolve my issue. Would anyone have any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

This feature is not yet implemented for Windows, the blog you referred to appears to be based on the Mac version. It’ll be available in the next major version for Windows.

Oh, that’s a bummer. Is it available in the Linux version? I’m on a dual-boot so I could try that…

The Linux version basically is the Windows version recompiled for Linux, so that won’t help you out in this case. :frowning:

This is how I would approach the task: just put the graphic in your text editor, and then design the Formatting pane settings so that the chapter title sits well with it. For example, you could have a Binder layout like this:

Chapter Name/ (chapter graphic) scene 1 scene 2 ... Another Chapter/ (chapter graphic) scene 3 ...

So with this layout, you can leave the graphic separate from the first scene (meaning you don’t have to remember to copy and paste it out if scene 2 becomes the first scene in the chapter). The “(chapter graphic)” Binder item would have its “Compile As-Is” flag set to on, to inhibit any automatic titles or formatting settings that may get in the way.

Note you can set these files to use a custom icon, and give them meaningful names so that if you decide chapter 3 looks better with a gun than a rose, you can switch it out with simple drag and drop.

Alternatively you can put the graphic in the folder text for that chapter heading, and enable the Text checkbox in the Formatting pane for folders. That would cut down on Binder clutter. That may work better if each chapter has its own graphic, but if they are in a repeating pattern or all the same, I’d rather have them as special files, so I can duplicate and drag them around more easily.

This seems to work well, thank you so much for your help. I’d love to see the Windows/Linux version catch up to the Mac one. There are so many good features.