IMHO - What Do You Think?

This is just my opinion but usually when a new version or update is coming down the pipe on a particular software the tradition is they usually give it a “Code name” or a name they loosely use to refer to it until its public release then it gets it offical name or sometimes adopts the internal “code name”

An Example In Adobe CS3 the version of PHOTOSHOP is 10.01. If you hold down the Option button and click ABout Photoshop you still get the same “SPlash Screen” The Offical PS 10.

But when PS 10 was being developed it had a secret internal code name. They did not refer to it as “the update” or PS10 or PSCS3 but rather they called it by its code name.


Open Photoshop and hold down OPTION and COMMAND and select ABout Photoshop and you will see the "Secret Splash Screen and the Words Red Pill. (I love that. It was a tribute to the Matrix)

That is something PS coders have been doing since version 3. Other examples are early versions of VIsta were called Longhorn

Apple has had tons of famous code names like Dog Cow, Lisa, MrG3

you get my drift… :slight_smile:

Anyway to my point.

In SCR we had the first which was lovingly known as Scrivener Gold and currently Scrivener 1.0 (1.11)

I don’t know if KB is going to make the next update 1.12 or 1.5 but it we all know that this next update will be the biggest KB has ever released and even though will be a 1.X it still is a major milestone.

So anyways I was thinking we should have a super secret code name to refer to this much awaited update instead of just referring to it as “The next update which is bigger than all than that have come before!” or just “The Next Update”

So if you were given the chance to name the internal code name for the next major update for Scrivener what would YOU call it?


“Bulls Eye”

There was a reference somewhere here about the similarities of the corkboard and a dartboard…


• Kitchen Sink.
• Super Cheese puff. (this is lame)
• Pigeon killer. (please God let this one stick)
• HMSS B. Bertha (B for Big, as in giant update)
• Regret.

Just some ideas.


The dogs b******s
The mutts nuts
El hundo cojones

I think we need easter eggs too.


Whats all ****** that about? Is your keyboards sticking? :confused: Looks like a load of old bollocks to me. IMHO

We should call it ‘Pacific’ because its megga!! and were a Pirateship :smiling_imp:


Actually there is already an Easter Egg implanted in your current version of SCR (1.11).


“Beer Mat”.