Imitation is the sincerest form...

An add-in in development for Word for Windows, based on ideas mainly inspired by Scrivener.

But why settle for anything less than the real thing? :slight_smile:

Eek. That’s not exactly, uh, great news… I never said we didn’t want to develop a Windows version at some point, cough, cough. Oh dear.

I can’t imagine this thing to work as well as the original. Or am I underestimating these Add-ins?

And even if this thing somehow manages to stack up to the user experience of Scrivener … there’s still Scrivener 2 around the corner, right? :wink:

The price of success, I guess.

But there are still many of us I suspect who wouldn’t trust a long-form document to Word on either platform, with or without add-ins (whether for justifiable reasons or not). There are others for whom the Mac OS is attractive not just as a platform for Scrivener, but also for its cogent UI and the opportunity to use other good applications that don’t really have equivalents on Windows. And finally there’s the fact that it obviously takes years of careful development to create something as good as Scrivener. This competitor, if competitor it turns out to be, has a long way to go yet. If it ever reaches its destination.


One important difference – the one which leaps out at you before you look at the product, before you even finish reading the pitch – is that this is not the work of a writer.

Compare the copy anyplace on that site with anything Keith has written. Is this guy someone whose idea of a novel you would trust?

(“Guy” is generic; my guess from the prose is a quite young male, but it could be a female; possibly someone whose first language is not English. Have I heard this voice recently someplace in the forum?)


I love the heading on the page … a real Micro$oft mislead …

Book Writing Made Easy



:laughing: Ha! I missed that, Mark! Definitely not a writer then!


Actually, in this case the cliché might not apply. Unless we change the end to read “copyright infringement” (yes I know that IP is not copyright the same as traditional published works). If KB has anything like a patent started on scriv there is certainly an opportunity to clobber this in its infancy (which I would suggest if you ever want to release a windows version of scriv).

It was only a matter of time though.


I’m glad to have found this post. :smiley: Writing Outliner is not intended to become a competitor to Scrivener, it runs on Windows system only. I just wanted to be honest that the ideas are mainly inspired by Keith, and we need to stand on the giant’s shoulder, right? :laughing:

I’m not a writer and English is not my native language, but I believe I love writing software as much as you guys love writing books, all after all, why the one who build the cars have to be a racing driver to make good cars? :laughing:

Hi there Edwin(?)

Of course there is nothing wrong using ideas inspired by Keith. As he has often said, Scrivener has been inspired by other similar applications on the Mac platform.
And you’re right, you don’t need to be a writer to develop writing software, but you do need the input of writers, so do get plenty of feedback during the beta.

Good luck!


Thank you Rayz,

Yes, getting feedback from users is crucial, that’s why I have gotten the site up and running at the very beginning of this campaign. And I got many ideas from reading posts here, this is really a great forum, so thank Keith again :laughing:

great news that there will be another tool for writers on windows, there are a few around already which have some good features. I hope Scrivener will improve and continue to be competive among the great tools available for writers on mac platform. It for sure is unbeatable in marketing success. :smiley: I am looking forward to 2.0.