Import 100 images to become 100 documents?

I have 103 images that I’d like to turn around and print, 1 per page, centered, no other headers footers etc. iPhoto won’t cooperate, and it seems to me that Scrivener might be my best solution. Might this be as simple as selecting the images, dragging into a single scrivener document, and build a pdf for printing? With each image 600px high, I’m hoping it will simply do a page break between each one. Might there be an easier way?

iPhoto '11 appears to handle this just fine.

I doubt that Scrivener is the way to do this, though.

If you don’t have the latest iPhoto why don’t you try Preview? It’s surprising capable. (You can drag multiple photos on the Preview icon to open them all at once.)


Thanks Dave! I have iPhoto 09, which I’m using for color correcting etc. Yup I’ll try preview first. Thanks!

I just tried this from iPhoto '09 with no problems. I selected all of the images I wanted, pressed Cmd-P and voila! 1 per page, centred, no headers or footers, automatically rotated for portrait/landscape as required. What happens when you try to do this?

Having said that, I frequently print from Preview. As dafu said, it’s surprisingly capable.

it was clipping the photos, printing at greater than 100% of the paper size. I was too annoyed at the time to figure out what setting needed to be adjusted.

Bummer. All solved now?

Solved. Project complete - or at least out for final review. Thanks again!