Import a list of documents into a Collection

Some filtering process extrinsic to Scrivener has yielded a set of documents that require attention and editing within Scrivener. Do we know of any good way to bring these docs up?

I actually have a couple of methods, but they’re not suitable for general use. One is with an extraordinarily complex AutoHotKey clicking and capturing macro. The other way, strictly theoretical, is by auto-modifying the Document Notes or Synopsis for each doc on the list, then searching in Scrivener for Notes or Synopses with the matching flag string. Of course users should not be mucking externally with Scrivener’s production files, nor should AutoHotKey wizardry be required to bring a set of documents in for editing.

Suggestion: Scrivener should recognize an XML list of DocIDs as the data source for a Collection, and thus provide access to documents from a list generated externally.

Thanks for considering — Jerome

Could you not format the XML in such a way that you can drop it into a ScrivenerProject/Collection/BinderIDs element in the .scrivx? I mean to say, if you are this deep into automation, there already is a perfectly good system for modifying collection lists external from Scrivener by modifying the .scrivx directly. Your script can locate the correct collection to modify the BinderIDs element for by scanning the text node of each Collection/Title element for the collection name you wish to modify.

Sure. But I already have an AHK macro which, creaky as it is, does not require me to close and reopen the project, a 2-3 minute cycle. It’s just that I’ve found the ability to bring up docs from an outside list to be extremely useful. Maybe enough to warrant inclusion in Scrivener someday, for those advanced general users who are comfortable with imports and exports, rather than production file mods and scripting.

Rgds – Jerome

Hah, got it! The capability already abides within Scrivener. It required slight modification to something I already had, the DocID, with an attention character, in a Custom Meta-Data field. So, if attention is a hyphen, I can make a string like this:

-01234 -02468 -13579 -13760 -10019

and paste it in the Search box. Limit to Meta-Data, search for Any Word. And there’s my list in Search Results.

Thanks for the sounding board, and for that granular option in Search. Even easier than an Import. Just fabulous.

Rgds – Jerome