Import and Replace All Problems


I am trying to import my Word documents into Scrivener (mostly .docx but some .doc) but when the documents import, they add extra quotes and apostrophes. A hundred of them. I read somewhere that this is a known problem. When I try to Replace All to fix the problems, nothing happens. I can click Replace & Find, which is good, but I have to hit it several hundred times. I read somewhere that is a problem also but I can’t find any recent information in the Advanced Search on this forum, so I’m trying here. I’ve only imported two documents so far, and I would like to import the rest. Am I doing something wrong, and/or will either of these issues be fixed soon? Replace All is more important to me but fixing the import issue would also be nice.

Here is my system information:
Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (updated yesterday)
Scrivener for Windows version

Thanks for your assistance!

For the imports, double-check that you’re using the Microsoft Word converters. In Tools > Options, open the Import/Export options, then click on “Export Converters”. Choose “DOCX” from the left drop-down and “Microsoft Office” from the right. Do the same for the .doc format. That should import the files correctly, but if it still isn’t working, try instead resaving the files into the RTF format in Word, then importing those. The problem is with converting the character encoding as it’s not following the same RTF spec, so using Word’s own libraries for the conversion or saving it directly to RTF in Word should avoid the problem.