Import (and Split) completely broken?

I tried searching the forums first, but the closest report I saw was about structure. This is a more basic bug report: I’ve tried to import a document with “Import and Split” and receive an “Unknown Error” dialog. The first time, the document was docx and on my local onedrive. Suspecting it could be a problem with either of those combinations, I exported it as a local disk document in .doc format - same error. I even tried a vanilla doc import, same thing. [EDIT: the vanilla doc import was just a file import, not an import and split]

If I was wise enough to know how to enable debug output, I’d provide it :slight_smile: Beta, (876128)

From your explanation it seems like the converter breaks with your document. Try converting your document to RTF and try the RTF import, as RTF reader is an in-house engine.

Saving the document as an RTF and import/splitting that worked.