Import and Split not working?

Hi there,
I’m trying to import the first edition of a textbook. I wrote it about 15 years ago in Word and organised using a fairly standard stylesheet: Heading 1 = Chapter, Heading 2 = Section, etc. I’ve being trying to use import and split but it’s not working. The document sizes are manageable enough as each chapter is in a separate document. It brings the text in as a single text element. The first time I tried it, it did split it at a section break in the original, but I’ve deleted the section break and it’s made no difference.
Anybody have any thoughts?

Import and Split doesn’t split documents on Section Breaks. It uses the Header structure of the Styles. Make sure your Styles have the correct Level in the Paragraph settings and Scrivener will import and Split the document nested in folders and files.


Alternatively, Search and replace your Chapter, adddding a # before them: #Chapter. Import and Split the chapters on that token #. Documents will be Split, but not nested in folders and files.


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Thanks for the reply. I’ve been playing with this but I have a good feeling that Scrivener’s going to do what I want with this project.

I didn’t explain the issue with the Section Break very clearly. – The documents are organised by outline level :

… but Import and Split doesn’t recognise that at all. It brings it in as a continuous text element. One chapter had used a Section Break, and Import and Split actually did split that file, but at the Section Break. I suspected that it might be distracting Scrivener from the Outline structure so i took it out, but doing that didn’t fix it.


I read a suggestion in the yellow box on p194 of the PDF manual that not every document will import in a predictable fashion?

Hi AntoniDol,

Your instructions on how to properly import and split a Word document into the respective chapter/section/subsections worked perfectly! Thank you.

The question I have now is: Is there a way to direct Scrivener from within the Word document to place certain entries into Scrivener folders versus Scrivener files? I can of course, make the change after I import the Word document, but that would mean making the adjustment each time I re-import the Word document which I am trying to avoid.

As an example, I’m hoping to make the following adjustment from files to folders from within the Word document as my source document, so that the Scrivener Binder will change from:


where Block Quote, Character, Paragraph, Code Block, etc. will appear as folders instead of files.

Also, is there a way to prevent the item text (Block Quote, Character, Paragraph, Code Block, etc.) from being repeated as the first line within each Scrivener folder and/or file item?


Update: Due to the repetitive nature of the data within my Word document, with the help of the Edit > Find > Project Replace... function, I was able to uncheck the Affect: Titles option to dispatch with all of the items mentioned above in short order. Thank you again for your instructions on how to properly import and split a Word document. It was a great help! Scrivener is so amazing!

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