Import arbitrary file extensions as plain text

I’m using Scrivener to produce a manual for in-house software. It would be fantastic to have the source code available in the Research folder. In my case there are too many files to easily copy-and-paste the text itself; I’d prefer to drag and drop folders. The files have funny extensions (.m for matlab, .c for c etc), so Scrivener complains about their unsupported types. The files are really just plain text, so how
about a preference option to specify file extensions that Scrivener should treat as plain text?

I run into this all of the time because I use MMD so much, a lot of my files are *.md because that makes TextMate happy. Unfortunately it doesn’t make Scrivener happy. What I do is just copy the files to a temporary spot, rename them all with A Better Finder Rename as *.txt and then drag them into Scrivener.

A preference for this isn’t a bad idea and it wouldn’t be too difficult to add. I’ve added it to the list for 2.0 as although the Preferences have been rewritten I still have to revisit them before release; the Import/Export panel is already rather big but I’ll see what I can do. As always, I can’t promise anything, but I do think this is a good idea and so have put it on the list.
All the best,