Import auto-complete list to new project

Is it possible to import the auto-complete list from one project to another?

If I am barking up the wrong tree, I am sure someone will pile in with a correction, but I think that your auto-complete list is not project specific, but general to your Scrivener app, so unless you have the project on a different machine, then you should be good to go.

I would try creating a test project to confirm.

Thanks, talktidy, but sadly that doesn’t work. You might be talking abut the auto-correct list which, I believe, is cross-project. Auto-complete seems to be a standalone thing. Thanks for your input, though.

Why not use the Mac OS X auto-complete feature? … tcuts-os-x

Another alternative is to get the Alfred app and use the Snippets function. Really handy. It can be synced to other Mac’s as well. Alfred is good for so many other things as well. It’s one of the apps I use all the time for searching, starting apps, etc.

Th OP is on Windows!



Oouups! Sorry… :blush: