Import autocorrect from Word

I have a ton of Autocorrect entries in Word that I’ve created over the years. It would be wonderful if Scrivener could use or import them.

That would be great!

Shouldn’t the request be: It would be great if the Autocorrect entries could get exported or at least somehow retrieved from Word? And therefore addressed to Microsoft?

I think in general it’s not a good idea to keep autocorrect/text replacements per app. I’m on the Mac and macOS offers at least a basic OS wide text replacement. To have access to more advanced features like RegEx I use Typinator which is Mac only.

But there are similar apps for Windows too. One bigger player is the cross platform app TextExpander. It is subscription based, wether you like that is up to you. But an app like this in my opinion is indispensable for everyone writing on a somewhat professional level.

And by the way: *TextExpander" can neither import Word Autocorrect entries because there are no exported Autocorrect entries.

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As this was originally requested for the Mac version, it is worth noting that Scrivener has no auto-correction feature. That is a black box system provided by the Mac, that as far as I know has no mechanism for adjusting how it works, other than one-by-one adjustment as they come up.

Typinator (a Mac program) can import autocorrect entries from Word (instructions are in the user guide). And it’s really useful program, period. Works across all programs, not just Scrivener. That’s how I ended up solving this problem.

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True, and you can also make lists that only apply to select software as well. It’s a great utility, I used it for many years before switching to a cross-platform tool.

So I happily stand corrected! I did not know Typinator could do that although I have been using it for many years. No, not “although” – because: I use Typinator in all my software using text, so there was no need at all to start creating Auto Entries in Word.