Import big document as sub files

Since many of us are importing manuscripts from other word processors, it would be very useful indeed - and good for sales - to have an import function that at least broke the source document into files.

I understand that it’s technically hard to read the existing structure.

I don’t think you have to do this. As long as the document is broken up into scenes and/or chapters, it’s trivially easy to work through it manually and shuffle the scenes down a level.

So, how about just letting us specify file break markers, e.g. “# # #” and “Chapter__”?

This is already on the agenda, never fear. :slight_smile:

This is great news to hear, Keith; bringing over my existing work will definitely get a lot easier when I can split a document arbitrarily like this. I’m personally pretty excited about this, as I have a large back-catalogue of writing project that I would love to bring into Scrivener and split into smaller documents, but the current import-and-split is, sadly, not quite up to the challenge. So good luck with it dude — can’t wait to see this particular feature in action!


This is already in the Mac version - File > Import > Import and Split. Jennifer was pointing out that this will be coming to the Windows version. Nothing else is currently on the agenda - and Import and Split really does work very well for most purposes.