Import Cover Image

I’ve spent all day trying to import a cover image for my novel. I’ve hunted through this forum and the FAQ without success.

Would some kind soul please talk me through how to do this? I’ve managed to get the image in the top section of the Inspector, but I can’t get it any further.

TIA for your help,


Are you referring to e-book publishing? I can’t think of a good reason to include the print resources for a bound copy inside the text document itself, so I’ll assume you mean e-books. The user manual covers this topic in §24.10, Cover, starting on pg. 376.

If you’re just looking for how to import images, drag and drop into the Binder or text editor is often the easiest, but there is also File/Import/Files… and Edit/Insert/Image From File… respectively, if you don’t have the graphic in front of you.