Import crashes Scrivener [SAMPLE REQUESTED]

Hi there,

Here’s what is happening.

  1. Save Word doc as an RTF file.
  2. Close Word
  3. Go into Scrivener.
  4. Try to import the RTF file.

Each time I try this Scrivener crashes.

I have had the exact same problem; crashed it a couple of times now.

Me too. Try cutting and pasting for now. :unamused: worked for me

Dunno if this helps the developers at all, but when I import smaller RTF files and images, there’s no problem. Scrivener only crashes for me when I try to import my larger research notes RTF file. My smaller files are nearly all under 100kb, but the one giving me trouble is 395kb.

I did cut and paste as startigress suggested. I also was just able to import an rtf document saved from Word. :smiley:

The other larger file (that caused the crashes) was imported from Word but was originally an Open Office document. shrug

No crashing for me. But it only imports the file name, but no text. Copying and pasting works fine.

Open : Google Chrome & Scrivener

Importing multiple .rtf docs makes scrivener crash for me too

Thanks for the feedback. Can any of you provide sample files of import documents that cause Scrivener to crash? It’s very hard to fix problems like this without this.

Thank you.