Import docx as alias.

I am using Scrivener as a binder for all my files related to a project. Several of these files are docx word files which I would like to retain as links in their original format for my collaborators. Is there a way to import docx files in a way that they are not converted to text. Ideally a click to open (in word) alias would be the excellent.

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Hi Yin,

There’s no way of doing this, no - because Scrivener is designed for editing text, then any Word files you import will always be converted to editable text and copied in.

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You can though use Project References for this, so that the .docx file isn’t imported into the project but just linked, and double-clicking will open it in your default program.

Would you point out where the “Project References” are?

Sorry, got interrupted. The references are in the inspector; the second tab from the left in the inspector footer will show you the reference pane, and you can flip between project references (visible regardless of what document is loaded in the project) and document references (specific to each binder document) by clicking the reference header, outlined in green below:

You can put any sort of link here you want, both internal and external, and external references like your .docx files will open automatically in your default application. Just drag the file from Finder into the reference pane, or click the “+” button in the reference header bar to look up a reference and add it. Right-click the reference to get some additional options, such as revealing the file in Finder or, for supported items, viewing it in Quick Look.

Thanks! The reference pane in the inspector will work great for now.