"Import Error" with iTunes Producer

Having generated an ePub file from Scrivener, I tried to deliver it to the iBookstore using iTunes Producer and received an “Import Error” status.

So far, I’ve…

• Made sure that none of the files in the package (such as images) have any weird characters in their filenames, by which I mean they have alphabetic characters and hyphens only.

• Used Sigil to remove all references to the file ‘page-template.xpgt’, as suggested in another thread (where that was the solution to that poster’s problem)

…but I’m still getting the error. Can anyone suggest anything else I should try?

Although the ePub file validates OK with the online ePubCheck, I’ve discovered that the validation in Sigil throws up an error for OEBPS/Images/iTunesArtwork of “This resource is present in the OPF , but it’s not reachable (it’s unused).”

Any ideas what that means and how to fix it?

Solved it. In case this is of use to anyone else, the only problem I actually had was that one of the images in the book was slightly over the size permitted. Having resized the image, the ePub file produced by Scrivener was delivered by iTunes Producer without any errors.

Thanks, in fact someone else is having a similar problem and I’ve been wondering what it could be. This should be helpful!

I’m having a problem exporting via Producer as well and my cover is quite large (1607x2500). Could you tell me the max size permitted?

I didn’t keep a note of the maximum I found, but doing a Google search just now suggests that the maximum might be 2 million pixels. I think I found some information about this in an iTunes Producer guide by Apple, but I can’t find it now. Your image is 1607x2500=4017500 pixels. Try taking the size down a bit more than half, and see whether it uploads.

I’ll try it with a smaller image, but since the iPad supports 2048x1536, it seems odd that I would have to make it that small. It’s the cover after all. I did find this from the iTunes Producer info:

So I have included a cover in Scrivener when I create the ePub. Is that the one that needs to be small? Because this seems to suggest that the cover added via iTunes producer doesn’t have a size limit.

You should add the large cover in iTunes Producer when going that route, and not in Scrivener. I believe iTunes Producer has a setting for adding the cover. In Scrivener, use a smaller version of the cover image. The cover that gets added by Scrivener is really just an HTML page containing an image that is placed at the start of the book and marked as the cover in the metadata - this is the standard way of adding a cover in ePub files. However, iBooks doesn’t use this cover HTML page cover for displaying book covers on its virtual bookshelves - for this, Apple add an extra image file to the ePub file which isn’t standard to the ePub format. So, as I understand it, the cover that you add via Scrivener should abide by the rules for other images in the ePub file seeing as it is just used as the internal HTML cover (and you may choose not to include it at all seeing as iBooks uses a different image for its main cover - some publishers still include an HTML cover too anyway, others don’t). The text you quote from the iTunes Producer info applies only to the cover image you add via iTunes Producer.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, that did it! It’s a shame iTunes producer doesn’t let you embed a full size cover because I like to have it embedded into the book as well, but I guess if I do that, I need to reduce it to the 2 million size. For now, I just went without a cover and now my books are uploaded and waiting for approval!

It’s my understanding - and I don’t have access to iTunes Producer so I’m relying on what users have told me here - that there is a setting in iTunes Producer that allows you to specify the cover image separately, is that not the case? When you do that, iTunes Producer embeds that image into the .epub file it is handed, I believe.

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Yes, you embed the cover as a separate file and they use that for the bookstore. I like to have on “inside” the book as well, but for now, I’ll just go with none so I can get it uploaded.