Import/export .plist files between projects on Mac

I lost my “styles” when moving from my project in the Win version to the Mac version (sync through Dropbox). I do have another project on the Mac, though that has the styles I want. Is there some way to copy a .plist file used in one project to another?
If so (step by step, please) which .plist file from where to where?


Scrivener preferences are global and are found in your user preferences folder (in Library) - the file is com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.

However, there are also individual project preferences which are found in Scrivener’s Project menu, and which will override the global defaults you’ve set, but on a project basis.

There is another thread that contains the steps necessary to sync the styles.plist file between multiple Macs using DropBox, but note that will only work for Macs – the .plist file is specific to MacOS and Windows Scrivener does not use it. As far as I know, there is no easy way at this time of syncing styles between Mac and Windows. Hopefully with version 3, this will be an easier task to accomplish.

The only way I ever found to do it was to create a specific document within the Mac version which simply listed the style names and applied the relevant style to each name.

All you need to do on the Windows version is to go through that document, select each style in turn and redefine / create a style for it.

The whole process doesn’t take long and only has to be done once – until you start changing the styles subsequently, of course, then you have to remember to do it again…

Clever, thanks.
What happens when I sync from Win to dropbox to IOS and back to dropbox and then to Mac (I use all versions of Scrivener)?

Brookter, that’s actually quite brilliant. Genius!

Not sure, but remember that with Scrivener the point isn’t to get all your formatting 100% perfect while you’re editing your draft. As long as your draft documents are close enough, the Compile process will get things consistent enough that you can use another program to finalize your layout (if you need to).