Import /Export project settings

Is there any way to do this? I have a trilogy and two other projects in 5 separate projects. I would like, for instance, the label colors and label names to be the same. And, I would like this to track to the other projects somehow if I decide to edit them in one of the projects.

Also, I collaborate with other writers. It would be hella convenient to be able to export/import such things between projects.

For instance, my writing partner created docs with an aqua label. When I dragged them into my existing copy, they turned purple. Not what we had in mind.

See Appendix C.1 in the Scrivener manual for information about copying settings between existing projects.

To create a standard set of metadata for new projects in the future, use a template. See Section 5.4.3 in the manual.

Individual documents dragged from one project to another will bring their metadata with them, so you probably want to normalize the source project to whatever settings you want first.


Thanks. That does help a lot.