Import/export research and other folders


I am completely new to Scrivener and have question, having just mad the switch to the Mac after 15 years of abuse by Windows, so please bear with me if these may come across like newbie questions.

I am writing a series of stories using a lot of historical references. I am doing a lot of historical research in each of my projects and need access to the research in every one of these stories, hence my question, is there a chance to export the research folder or any other folder and then import it into another project? Or better yet, is it possible to create a folder in a separate Research project and link to it in all of the projects?

I’m coming from Liquid Story Binder on Windows and one of the features I loved there is the ability to create dossiers for characters and places etc. that were easily accessible while writing. Does Scrivener have something that would be similar to this?

Further I loved the way Liquid Story Binder integrated with WordWeb, an incredibly powerful thesaurus/dictionary. Sadly WordWeb doesn’t exist on the web and I was wondering if there’s any thesaurus for the Mac that works tightly with Scrivener. In windows it was a ctrl-rightclick on any word in the text and WordWeb would come up with dictionary definitions and thesaurus suggestions.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Welcome to the Mac and to Scrivener. Folks in this forum will help you with good advice, and it’s also important to view the tutorial and read the FAQ.

On exporting a Research folder for import into other projects; yes, you may do that. Many of us also use DevonThink Pro to maintain large research databases. Keep all your stuff there and you may use it again and again for various Scrivener projects.

As for Dictionary and Thesaurus, there’s a good one in the Mac OS. You should see it in the Applications folder; it must be visible there, not hidden in a subfolder. You set the keyboard command in the System Preferences: Keyboard & Mouse. Make sure the “Look up in Dictionary” option is turned on; from then on, either use the keyboard command listed there, or select the word and Control-Click. That brings up a contextual menu with the command Look Up in Dictionary.

Most Mac programs have these menus, which may be easier to use than memorizing keyboard commands.

Good luck!

Thank you so much. This was extremely helpful