Import Export workflow to Word

Hi guys,
I have just migrated a large novel project across from Ywriter to scrivener on PC. I only planned to use Scrivener for layout, and do my editing in Word. However I need a hand on the best workflow to import and export.
I’ve exported via File
And via Compile, which leads to a lot of options.

The Compile options seems to create effective final drafts, however what’s the best way to work in an entire novel in Word, then reimport into Scrivener.
Thanks :smiley:

You’ve got the idea completely backward. Scrivener is NOT a page layout software. It is meant to be used for writing and organizing. Word, on the other hand, is capable of page layouts.

There are a lot of threads on the matter here in the forum. Importing back from a single word document into an existing project containing multiple documents isn’t possible, at least not to my knowledge.